Crossrail workers deserve better!

Crossrail workers deserve better!

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Underneath London, private contractors are endangering hundreds of Crossrail construction workers. 

ATC consortium, one of the big contractors, know its workers are “mentally and physically exhausted” -- it’s been caught out admitting so in internal emails. And it’s no wonder. Imagine working in overcrowded, volatile underground tunnels with no communications and a two mile walk to the toilet. 

It sounds like a Victorian-era nightmare, but it’s happening right now under our feet and under Crossrail’s noses. Crossrail have to improve conditions, or people could get hurt.  

Crossrail: don’t let private companies endanger workers! 

ATC isn’t the only one making money while Crossrail staff suffer. The Health and Safety Executive are already prosecuting three other private contractors for breaching safety. Crossrail’s a major public sector project for a new tube line -- it should get a grip on these profiteers putting Londoners at risk. 

Pressure’s mounting for things to change. The UCATT trade union are working with Crossrail staff to get better conditions, and recently a group of MPs spoke out against ATC Consortium. If enough of us add our voices, Crossrail could make big changes to protect workers.  

Huge numbers of us have banded together to help defend workers before. Over 120,000 of us demanded Samsung paid compensation for factory workers who got sick or died. We can use that strength in numbers now to make sure Crossrail attends to workers’ welfare. 

Sign the petition -- Crossrail should improve workers’ welfare.

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