Congress: protect our planet and stop TPP.

Congress: protect our planet and stop TPP.

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Last year world leaders signed a historic climate deal in Paris that promised to phase out fossil fuels and move the world economy towards renewable energy.

But there’s something in the works that could make all of it impossible. Corporations are lobbying Congress to get the dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) ratified at all costs.

The TPP enshrines the right of corporations to sue governments for impacting their expected profits -- giving corporations the power to stop any meaningful climate action. 

If signed, the TPP would shackle our municipal, state, and federal governments, completely undermining our ability to fight climate change.

Sign the petition to tell Congress to protect the environment and vote against TPP ratification.

At its core, the TPP is a corporate rights deal that threatens our government's ability to protect the environment. We’ve already seen the danger it can do. In response to President Obama’s veto on Keystone XL, NAFTA gave TransCanada the power to launch a $15 billion suit against the U.S.The TPP will let corporations across the world do the same.

The U.S. may have already signed the TPP, but it can’t go into effect without ratification from Congress. Together our mobilizing has shifted the conversation on TPP, and support for the dangerous deal is waning. So corporations are trying to schedule a TPP vote immediately after the election, in the “lame duck” session of Congress during which political accountability to voters is at its lowest.

Last week we asked Nancy Pelosi to oppose a lame duck vote on the TPP. Now we need to ask the same of all Congress. 

The corporations that helped negotiate the TPP behind closed doors won’t let democracy get in their way. That’s why we need to make sure our voices are heard, loud and clear. Together we have the power to knock the TPP off its feet -- and protect the incredibly important Paris deal we fought so hard for.

Tell Congress to oppose the TPP and the limits it places on government's ability to act on climate change.

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