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From allergy-preventing infant milk to magic alkaline diets, we’re fed fake science from our very first meal.

Think you can’t be fooled? Test yourself (watch out for question number 7!)

Question 1 of 7

Taking vitamin C will stop you getting a cold

Question 2 of 7

Cooking food in the microwave destroys the nutrients

Question 3 of 7

Doing a juice detox will cleanse your system

Question 4 of 7

Sesame seeds contain more iron than spinach

Question 5 of 7

Stilton cheese contains more fat than mozzarella

Question 6 of 7

Raw food is healthier than cooked food

Question 7 of 7

A child’s diet in their first two years can affect their health throughout life

Nice work. While we calculate your score, can you take a minute to fight back against fake science?

All over the world, Nestlé is using unscientific claims to sell baby milk at extortionate prices, persuading parents their formula offers children unproven nutritional benefits.

Will you post a message on Nestlé's Facebook page telling them to stop toying with babies’ health for profit?

That’s great, thank you. It’ll only take a minute - here are some ideas for what to say:

• Nestlé, stop toying with children’s health and remove fake science from your infant milk.

• Nestlé, don’t use unsubstantiated scientific claims to sell baby milk. Parents simply want safe, affordable, nutritionally complete baby milk.

• Nestlé, stop using manipulative marketing tactics to sell baby milk at high prices.

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