the clean energy switch

the clean energy switch

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We’re hitting the scandal-rocked, earth-polluting Big Six energy companies where it hurts -- the bottom line. 

SumOfUs members are teaming up with energy switching specialists, the Big Deal, so we can easily change to a cleaner -- and cheaper -- energy supply.

Imagine if thousands of us came together to cut ties with dirty energy -- to stop buying our fuel from companies that are investing in fracking and wrecking our climate -- and use the power of our pockets to back a better future.

Just think if together we used our combined power to get a cleaner, cheaper deal from a better energy supplier. 

Well we can.

Here’s how it works. We tell the Big Deal how many of us there are, then they’ll collectively bargain for the best deal for us. You choose whether or not you want to take the deal on offer -- you don’t have to decide until it’s on the table. 

Would you like to be involved in the big clean energy switch? Just sign up to say you're interested. 

The scandal-ridden Big Six energy companies want us to think it's complicated to switch, but it's actually really simple. Especially when we do it together. 

Here's the plan:

  • Thousands of us say we're up for switching.
  • We collectively bargain a great clean deal from an energy supplier that cares about our environment. 
  • You compare our clean deal to what you're on now and decide whether to switch.
  • Switching is easy - just fill in a short online form and switching experts the Big Deal will take care of the rest for you.
  • Our power in numbers means we'll get a cheaper deal that doesn’t damage our planet -- what’s not to like?! 

This isn’t something we’ve asked you to do before, but if we really want to hit big energy corporations hard, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. All over the world SumOfUs members speak out against the fossil fuel industry. From telling Shell to abandon its reckless plans to drill in the Arctic, through stopping climate-wrecking tar sands developments in Canada, to standing up to firms wanting to frack our national parks in the UK, SumOfUs members have said clearly enough is enough.

Now, if thousands of us switch at the same time, we can turn our backs on dirty fossil fuels and turn the tide towards cleaner, better energy. Sign up to join in.

Here's to working together for a better future.

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