Come clean about your climate pollution!

Come clean about your climate pollution!

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In spite of a lot of talk about “food with integrity,” fast food chain Chipotle has a history of bad environmental transparency. Which begs the question: what does Chipotle have to hide?

Chipotle brands itself as a socially conscious alternative to fast food giants like McDonald’s. But even McDonald’s has been issuing comprehensive sustainability reports since 2002. Meanwhile, Chipotle refused to back up its claims of environmentalism with statistics even when shareholder activists called for them to do so in 2014.

It’s disingenuous for Chipotle to talk big about being “green” while it refuses to disclose the environmental impact of its operations. From animal waste to international transportation, Chipotle is covering up whole sectors of its environmental impact. We need to push Chipotle to release the full facts about its climate pollution.

Tell Chipotle it’s time to come clean about its pollution record.

Chipotle’s track record leaves a lot of unanswered questions. We know the chain continues to import grass-fed beef from Australia all while touting its reliance on local ingredients. Even some of Chipotle’s “locally sourced food” travels thousands of extra miles so it can be processed in Chicago processing centers.

When the Climate Disclosure Project launched in 2013, it released climate data from over 80% of the world’s 500 largest companies. This data is crucial in enabling governments, consumers, and corporations to make informed decisions and take on our current climate crisis.

If Chipotle is so much greener than fast food chains like McDonald’s why isn’t it disclosing its own climate data?  

To put the brakes on irreversible climate change, we need to use all the tools at our disposal. It’s going to take real corporate transparency to win this fight, which is why it’s so important we come together now to shine a light on Chipotle’s climate data. Let’s come together now to make sure Chipotle releases the full facts about it climate pollution record.

Tell Chipotle to follow the example of 80% of Global 500 companies and come clean about its pollution record.

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