Call Lloyds

Call Lloyds

Lloyds of London is one of the last places in Europe that coal giants like Adani can get insurance for their dirty new coal projects.

We know Adani is circling Lloyds trying to get coverage for its disastrous new Carmichael coal mine in northern Australia but YOU can stop it. 

Public pressure has already forced two companies who operate within Lloyds' to back out of negotiations. And just in the last few months SumOfUs members have helped force AIG to not renew its insurance for Adani and Liberty Mutual to rule it out.

A flood of phone calls could tip them over the edge.

Get started below - enter your phone number and we'll call you. When you're ready we'll then connect you to Lloyds.

 Here are few things you could mention:

  • "I am calling today to call on Lloyds to rule out insuring new coal projects such as the Adani Carmichael mine in Australia"
  • All other major European insurers have released policies which exclude coverage to new coal projects - except for Lloyds
  • The Adani Carmichael coal mine would be one of the largest new coal mines in the world. 16 insurers have ruled out insuring the project. But not Lloyds. 
  • Without insurance, climate wrecking coal projects like Adani's can't go ahead
  • The Adani mine is the most bitterly opposed project in Australia's history - it's a project so toxic no reputable company will touch it. 
  • Insurers are there to protect us from risk but by continuing to support the expansion of dirty coal projects Lloyds is fuelling the climate crisis and endangering our future