Call for accountability at the top of Goldman Sachs

Call for accountability at the top of Goldman Sachs

Do you have investments with Vanguard, American Funds, iShares, or Fidelity? Then some of your savings are being invested in Goldman Sachs shares. Which means you have a say over how the company is run.  

At its upcoming Annual General Meeting, shareholders will weigh in on proposals that could change how Goldman Sachs is run. And these mutual funds have some of the largest positions of Goldman Sachs stock. If we come together and pressure them now, we could finally make the CEO accountable to an independent chair and change Goldman Sachs from the inside.

Call your mutual fund and tell them it’s time Goldman Sachs makes itself accountable.

Call Vanguard at 1.610.669.1000 and ask to speak with Gerard O'Riley

Call Fidelity at 1.617.563.7854 and ask to speak with Steve Wymer

Call American Funds (managed by Capital Group) at 1.415.393.7100 and ask to speak with Donald Darby O'Neal

Call iShares (managed by BlackRock) at 1.415.670.2000 and ask to speak with Gregory Robert Savage

Once you get through - even to voicemail - ask your mutual fund to vote in favour of the proposal for executive accountability. Use this script, or use your own words:

Hi, my name is ______. I invest my money with your fund and you've purchased shares in Goldman Sachs using some of my savings. I want you to use the voting rights that come with those shares to make Goldman Sachs a better company. Vote YES for Item 6: Shareholder Proposal to Require an Independent Board Chairman.

This will bring badly needed independent oversight to Goldman Sachs’ management. CEO Lloyd Blankfein should not also be his own boss! Please get back to me and tell me how you are voting these shares and why. Thank you!

Once you're done, please report how your call went using the form to the right so that we can track how investors are responding.

Thanks for supporting our shareholder proposal to make Goldman Sachs’ corporate structure more accountable.

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