Burger King: adopt a No Deforestation policy now!

Burger King: adopt a No Deforestation policy now!

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Orangutans, rhinos, sloths, and jaguars -- they’re all put at risk by Burger King’s palm oil policy that fails to protect invaluable tropical rainforests.

Despite years of public outcry, Burger King has failed to commit to a deforestation policy that protects tropical rainforest from being destroyed in order to build soy and palm oil farms in Burger King’s supply chain. Meanwhile, competitors like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Brands have already committed to eliminating deforestation.

It’s not only unconscionable that Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International has failed to do the same -- it’s just bad business. When deforestation accounts for an incredible 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it’s high time RBI finally commit to protecting tropical rainforests and the amazing wildlife they are home to.

Tell RBI to adopt a No Deforestation policy across its massive global supply chains.   

Last year, Burger King scored a woeful 10/100 on the Union for Concerned Scientists’ palm oil scorecard. And while in 2010 Burger King promised to review its rainforest policy, it’s still spent the last six years contributing to the destruction of tropical forests that adds to global warming emissions and decimates the habitats of already threatened species.

Thanks to irresponsible palm oil policy, today there are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and 1,500 Borneo pygmy elephants. Their rainforest homes are being destroyed to make room for massive palm oil plantations to source to major global brands like Burger King -- all while releasing billions of greenhouse gases every year.  

We know that when we come together, we have the power to shift even the biggest corporate players. Just last year, we pressured McDonalds to commit to 100% sustainable palm oil by 2020. That’s why we’re taking our advocacy to Burger King parent company RBI (which also owns massive chains like Tim Horton’s) to remind it that consumers across the world are demanding it adopt a No Deforestation policy before it’s too late for the species that call the rainforest home.

Urge RBI to implement a No Deforestation policy to protect tropical rainforests from further destruction.  

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