British Gas: don't bankroll climate change deniers!

British Gas: don't bankroll climate change deniers!

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Is your energy company bankrolling climate change deniers? British Gas is. 

British Gas’ parent company, Centrica, gave $20,000 to a right-wing American think tank which campaigns against tackling climate change. 

Get this: Centrica says it doesn’t agree with the think tank, but that it will keep donating anyway. Huh?

Thousands of us across the country are British and Scottish Gas customers. So we can use our shared consumer power to make Centrica pull the plug on the money it’s giving climate change deniers. 

Centrica and British Gas: stop bankrolling American climate change deniers!

The think tank Centrica funds is backed by Rick Perry, the hard right republican and climate change sceptic. Rick Perry’s in cahoots with Donald Trump, and will soon be his energy secretary. What on earth is British Gas’ owner doing giving a boost to the hard right of US politics?

Centrica claims on its website to be a “world leader for action on climate change." But behind our backs it’s been propping up a lobbyist which campaigns for burning fossil fuels, pollution and environmental chaos. We have to call out this hypocrisy together. 

Our SumOfUs community fights to protect our environment from corporate interests. Nearly 50,000 of us took on the big banks bankrolling climate denier Exxon. And when Google was caught out funding climate change deniers, 110,000 of us called them out. Now it’s Centrica’s turn to feel the heat. 

Sign the petition to Centrica and British Gas to stop funding a right-wing think tank committed to environmental destruction.  

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