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Brexit food and animal welfare

Brexit food and animal welfare

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Get ready for a stomach ache -- or worse. A post-Brexit trade deal with the U.S. could fill our shelves with food imports we once considered unfit to eat.

Far from giving Brits control over our economy, it’s clear a Trump trade deal hinges on the UK slashing its food safety standards to accept unlabelled GM foods, hormone-riddled beef, and chlorine-washed chicken from the US.

We can’t allow UK trade negotiations outside of the EU to become a race to the bottom for food safety standards that once kept us safe from pesticides linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and birth defects. We don’t want to import the US “Big Food” model that puts corporations like Monsanto in the driver’s seat of our food policy.

Tell the Government it must keep the EU food standards that have kept us safe for decades.

A radio interview with American Farm Bureau Federation chief economist Bob Young confirmed our fears: any trade deal with Trump will require us to stomach American food safety standards that for years we've kept off our plates.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that these food standards are the difference between life and death. An incredible eighty-two pesticides that are banned in the EU are in use in the US, as well as dangerous food additives, acid-washing meat practices, and synthetic growth hormones. We can’t let pressure from Trump force us to lower our standards.

We need to let Theresa May and the entire Government know that our safety, and the safety of our loved ones, is non-negotiable. We won’t allow our leaders to put our health at risk as a bargaining chip for big business. Let’s join our voices together and make sure we are heard loud and clear: we won’t stand for cuts to food safety standards!

Tell Theresa May and the Government that EU food safety standards must be protected.


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