Boeing: disclose TPP and TTIP lobbying influence.

Boeing: disclose TPP and TTIP lobbying influence.

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At next week’s Boeing annual general meeting, we have a burning question to ask: how is Boeing spending money to influence global trade deals like TTIP and TPP?  

Boeing is a member of the Business Roundtable, a lobbying network trying to influence trade agreements to benefit big business interests -- at the expense of rights and protections for you and me. If we’re going to stop these corporate rights trade deals in their tracks, we need to know what companies are spending to pass them.  

We’ve had the powerful chance to connect with Boeing shareholders ready to get the aerospace giant to come clean about its lobbying agenda. But their message will be even stronger if they go in with the support of thousands of SumOfUs members across the globe. Will you sign the petition to help these shareholders demand transparency from Boeing?   

Sign the petition to support shareholders demanding Boeing disclose its TTIP and TPP lobbying record at next week’s AGM.   

Business Roundtable members like Boeing haven’t shied away from announcing that they expect profits to soar under deals like the TPP. Which is why it’s no surprise that Boeing has spent a whopping $21 million lobbying U.S. Congress last year. But while Boeing sees fast cash from these shady trade deals, the rest of us see a major hit to affordable medicine, food safety standards, and environmental protections.

Together we’ve proven we have the power to knock the TPP off its feet -- like when our community crashed talks last year in Maui, Hawaii, and delayed the negotiations for months. But in order to win, we need to know what corporations like Boeing are doing to tilt the scales behind the scenes. This is our chance.

Sign to support shareholders demanding Boeing disclose its trade deal meddling at next week’s general meeting.  

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