BlackRock: Vote NO on Mark Zuckerberg

BlackRock: Vote NO on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is out of control.

Its addictive algorithms are hooking users on hate, playing key roles in horrific murders, mass shootings and genocides targeting racial and religious minorities. At the same time, Facebook's unprecedented reach into our personal lives is putting our privacy and civil liberties in jeopardy.

Time and again, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has proved himself unwilling — or unable — to handle the slew of scandals roiling Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp. As both the CEO and the chair of the board, Zuckerberg operates with essentially no oversight. He's his own boss, and has voting rights worth 10 times anyone else's. 

That's why we're mobilizing BlackRock, one of Facebook's biggest shareholders, to vote Mark Zuckerberg off the board at the May 30th shareholder meeting.

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