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Bill Cosby's agency sent him "five or six" actresses a week

Bill Cosby's agency sent him "five or six" actresses a week

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Warning: trigger alert -- this may be very difficult to read as the content refers to sexual assault.

More than 50 women have accused Bill Cosby of drugging them unconscious and raping them. Now it turns out his talent agency may have been trafficking young actresses to him -- at his request -- whom he would then harass and assault.

William Morris -- now known as William Morris Endeavor -- apparently would send “five or six” struggling models and actresses a week to Cosby’s studio. One woman he had sex with might have been only 17 at the time. Cosby then reportedly had the agency send these women money.

"You don't ask why. Your big client wants you to do a favor, you do it,” said one former William Morris agent about Cosby. Bill Cosby will face justice in the courts for what he's done. But his enablers shouldn’t just get to walk away.

Tell William Morris Endeavor to order an immediate independent internal investigation to find out what the agency knew about its role enabling alleged assault.

Cosby is about to stand trial for one of his alleged assault and could face up to 10 years in prison. But even though it’s a huge victory just to get one of the many alleged assaults before a felony court, justice is still a long way off. There’s no guarantee that any of Cosby’s other alleged survivors will get to testify -- let alone the countless women who have not come forward. Without this investigation, Cosby's accomplices could walk free.

As SumOfUs supporters, we believe women. That’s why nearly 30,000 of us spoke out when a flight attendant at a major North American airline was fired for reporting a pilot who sexually assaulted her. That’s why we supported pop star Kesha when Sony was trying to make her work with a highly prized producer she says raped her and abused her for 10 years. In the end, Sony supported Kesha.

Join us as we demand WME’s CEO’s order a full investigation of its business deals with Bill Cosby.

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