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Big pharma: don't rip off our NHS!

Big pharma: don't rip off our NHS!

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It’s official: big pharmaceutical companies are ripping off our NHS.  

Big pharma giants Actavis, Pfizer and Flynn Pharma have all broken the law and hiked prices for lifesaving drugs. Actavis raised a single tablet’s price tag from 70p to £88, and Pfizer jacked prices up 2,600% overnight! 

Did pharma execs really think they’d get away with it? Well they didn’t: Pfizer and Flynn Pharma just got hit with record breaking fines, and Actavis is under investigation. 

But Pfizer and Flynn Pharma are appealing the fines, and Actavis says it's innocent. First they break the law, exploit NHS and rip off taxpayers. Next, they try and dodge the punishment when they’re caught out. This has to stop. 

Actavis, Pfizer, Flynn Pharma -- don’t appeal the regulator’s decision. Stop overcharging the NHS and pay what you owe. 

These drugs are vital for huge numbers of patients in life threatening situations. Big pharma bosses thought they were on to a good thing. They bet they could charge the NHS whatever they liked and all of us would cough up. 

Our NHS is one of our greatest institutions, but it’s under huge financial strain. The government has starved it for years. Just think about all the extra doctors and nurses there’d be if the NHS wasn’t exploited by pharmaceutical giants. 

It’s good that our regulators are standing up to the pharmaceutical industry. But the last thing we need is for all of these companies to mount long, costly appeal processes that shows the entire industry it can exploit us and get away with it. That’s why we’re coming together now to show these companies that we expect them to play by the rules.

The pharma industry might be a big vested interest, but we know our community is stronger. Over 140,000 of us demanded Pfzier stopped purchasing from companies without environmental controls. Let’s stand together now so these company execs don’t think they are above the law. 

Sign the petition to the big pharma companies caught red handed: listen to the regulator!

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