Bees Survey

Here’s the first question. Do you eat honey?
Thanks, firstname! Next up, we’d love to hear about how bees affect your day-to-day life.
Thinking back over the last couple of summers, do you feel like you’ve seen fewer bees than you used to?
Below is a list of some common foods which would be under threat if bees are wiped out. Pick any you regularly consume:
And finally for this section: why is saving the bees an important issue for you? Pick whichever option(s) best apply:
Great! OK, in this next section we’d love to hear your thoughts on our “Save the Bees” campaign.
First off, what do you think are the best ways for us to keep fighting against the companies that produce neonics, the bee-killing pesticides? (Pick up to two)
Next: aside from going after these companies, what else do you think SumOfUs should do to save the bees? (Pick any you think are good ideas)
Which of these two SumOfUs campaign wins do you think was most significant for the bees?
Thanks so much, firstname. And lastly, here are two final questions for you:
And in your heart-of-hearts, do you think we will succeed in saving the bees?