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Come clean about your climate pollution!

Come clean about your climate pollution!

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North American retailer Bed Bath & Beyond has some lofty claims about its commitment to sustainability. So why does Bed Bath & Beyond refuse to disclose its climate impact data?

Bed Bath & Beyond claims its sustainability initiatives have cut down 1.5 billion lbs in carbon dioxide emissions. But without disclosing a comprehensive record of its climate impact, we have no way of knowing the real scope of its pollution.

That’s why 80% of the world’s 500 largest companies share climate data with the Climate Disclosure Project. This data is crucial in enabling governments, consumers, and corporations to make informed decisions to take on our current climate crisis. If Bed Bath & Beyond is truly committed to fighting climate change, it should stop keeping its climate data under wraps.

Tell Bed Bath & Beyond it’s time to come clean about its pollution record.

From what we know, Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t exactly have the cleanest environmental record. Just this year, it was fined $1.3 million by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading environmental claims about chemically processed bamboo.

And while Bed Bath & Beyond committed in 2010 to encourage transportation providers to avoid high impact fuels like tar sands, we have no way of knowing how much dirty fuel its transporters are still using. These gaps in knowledge are what makes climate disclosure so important. Case in point: when Kraft joined the Carbon Disclosure Project, it revealed that up to 90% of its pollution was going under reported.  

To put the brakes on irreversible climate change, we need to use all the tools at our disposal. It’s going to take real corporate transparency to win this fight, which is why it’s so important we come together now to shine a light on Bed Bath & Beyond’s climate data. Let’s come together now to make sure Bed Bath & Beyond releases the full facts about it climate pollution record.

Tell Bed Bath & Beyond to follow the example of 80% of Global 500 companies and come clean about its pollution record.

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