Barclays: stop backing fracking

Barclays: stop backing fracking

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Barclays will profit from companies fracking our country to pieces. 

Barclays owns Third Energy -- the fracking firm poised to frack apart the gorgeous Yorkshire village of Kirby Misperton.

Living up close to a shale gas well could mean 24-hour drilling, air, noise and light pollution, a huge increase in HGV trucks through rural areas and possible water contamination.

Research has shown that people living near fracking wells have greater risks of asthma, migraines and premature births. Lives could be plagued just so Barclays can profit.

But if we convince Barclays that fracking is a risky and unpopular investment, it could pull out of Third Energy. That’d be a huge boost to the people of Kirby Misperton and to communities everywhere fighting hard against the frackers moving in on their doorsteps.

Barclays knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of mass action from ordinary people over unethical investments. Thanks to the sustained efforts of its customers in the 70s and 80s, it was forced to end investments in South African apartheid. And we can do that again.

Sign the petition here and show Barclays it’s better off not getting its hands dirty with fracking.

This is just the beginning. Third Energy is just one fracking company. Cuadrilla, iGas, INEOS, Celtique are all right now eyeing up fracking sites. And after communities secretary Sajid Javid overturned Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject Cuadrilla’s fracking application, fracking firms are in a bullish mood.

Not only was Sajid Javid’s decision undemocratic, it could also open the floodgates for more fracking applications up and down the country. This government may be trampling over the wishes of the people in its bid to go all out for shale. But together -- as customers, savers and pension holders -- we can show just how unpopular and risky investment in fracking is and put a stop to it.

Barclays: stop backing fracking and pull out of Third Energy.

There’s a huge movement brewing to stop Barclays financing fracking in Kirby Misperton. The SumOfUs community is teaming up with a whole host of partners to bring as much pressure to bear in this Autumn of action. Over the coming weeks and months, people will be visiting branches and talking to bank managers, closing accounts, using social media, organising events and more.

We will raise our voices and take action to defend Yorkshire and Lancashire as the frackers try to move in. We’ll expose Barclays’ investments, and send a united and powerful message to fracking financiers and government alike that we won’t accept fracking anywhere. 

Barclays: stop backing fracking and pull out of Third Energy.

We know that pressure from SumOfUs members can force banks to do the right thing. Earlier this year, two environmental activists -- Berta Cáceras and Nelson García -- were tragically murdered protesting against a huge mega-dam project in Honduras.

Following pressure from over 135,000 SumOfUs members FMO Development Bank pulled its funding for the project. By adding your name now, you’ll help deliver the pressure which could make Barclays cave in -- and together we’ll keep Yorkshire, Lancashire and the rest of the UK frack free.

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