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Bank of America: Denounce North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ legislation and demand its repeal

Bank of America: Denounce North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ legislation and demand its repeal

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North Carolina just passed a sweeping, frightening law that some are calling "one of the most extreme, anti-LGBT bills we've seen yet."

The law effectively makes it legal to discriminate against LGBTQ folk in the workplace or public accommodations. It also forces trans people -- including children -- to use washrooms of their assigned gender -- not the one they identify with.

This law has got to go. The Bank of America is headquartered in North Carolina and is an equal opportunity employer -- there’s no way it wants to be associated with this homophobic and transphobic legislation. It’s already expressed mild criticism, but that's not good enough. We need Bank of American to use its influence to demand the state capitol overturn these hateful laws.

Tell Bank of America  to stand up for LGBTQ rights. Tell it to demand North Carolina reverse this law.

Bank of America has donated to the Republican politicians who passed this horrible legislation -- including Governor Pat McCrory’s election campaign in 2012. Since 2002 it has donated $86,000 to the state Republican Party and tens of thousands more to individual politicians. There’s no sitting on the fence when it comes to LGBTQ rights: either denounce this legislation and demand its repeal or admit your money helped pass it.

We know this strategy works. We pressured BMW and Adidas to come out against the Confederate Flag in South Carolina -- they did, and the flag came down. If we get Bank of America to stop mincing words, we can end laws that will put LGBTQ people of all ages at risk of discrimination, humiliation and worse.

The Bank of America has countless LGBTQ clients, investors, and staff. If it doesn’t want to be associated with hateful legislation, it has to stop mincing words and speak up.

Bank of America: denounce North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ law and demand its repeal.

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