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BAE Systems Iraq War Chilcot Report

BAE Systems Iraq War Chilcot Report

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The Chilcot report into the Iraq War has just been released. While attention is focused on the politicians who made key decisions in the run up to the war, one thing is missing. Arms companies, like Britain’s biggest, BAE Systems made huge profits from selling weapons that caused misery in Iraq on a vast scale.

The Chilcot report is a watershed moment whereby those who made these horrific decisions on the road to war are held accountable, but there are corporations like BAE Systems who should equally be held accountable.

BAE Systems could accept responsibility for its actions. It’s not a neutral bystander, but is like a drug dealer selling death but walking away from the consequences. That’s why it’s time BAE Systems paid compensation to the families of the victims of its death products in Iraq.

This is a unique moment to pressure arms companies like BAE Systems and if we don’t act fast we could lose this moment forever.

Can you sign this petition to BAE Systems to demand it pays compensation to the victims of its weapons in Iraq?

The Iraq war was not only the biggest foreign and military blunder since the Suez crisis. It was a humanitarian catastrophe that was entirely human made. It seems a long time ago now, but even today millions of Iraqis are paying a blood price for the hideous errors made by the British government and others.

Companies like BAE Systems pretend they are selling ‘defence’, but the reality is they sell death. In Iraq, weapons supplied by BAE Systems were used to pound Iraqi cities and towns resulting in the deaths of Iraqi civilians. Companies like BAE Systems cannot be allowed to wash away their responsibility for the mess in Iraq.

Our movement is growing all around the world. We have huge power to bring about change in hold corporations like BAE Systems accountable. When we heard that the US Defence contractor, Lockheed Martin was thinking about bidding for NHS contracts our community sprang into action and as a result Lockheed skulked away from attending a key meeting with NHS officials. That’s our power and now we need to spring into action again and force BAE Systems to make amends.

Make BAE Systems pay compensations to the victims of its weapons in Iraq.

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