Ask your State Housing Minister to ban rent bidding apps

Ask your State Housing Minister to ban rent bidding apps

Exploitative rent bidding apps are pouring petrol on the bonfire of rental markets in Australia cities. Victoria, ACT, Queensland and Tasmania are taking steps to ban them, now other states must follow suit. 

Please write to your Minister responsible for tenancy laws now and ask them to introduce amendments to ban rent bidding apps. It only takes a moment. 

If you need some tips, here are some things you could mention:

  • MPs respond best to personal messages so talk about why this matters to you as a voter. Make particular reference to your own or your families experiences if they're relevant.
  • Rent bidding apps are currently active and transacting properties in at least three states.
  • Property Connect has signed partnership deals with a number of real estate agents across the country.
  • RentBerry boasts of having raised rents on average by 5% in markets it enters
  • Banning rent bidding is a simple change State Governments can make to tackle the affordable housing crisis
  • Finding an affordable place to live is already next to impossible for low income families. Rent bidding apps make it even worse.

If you're from a state which has already banned rent-bidding or intends to (Vic, ACT, Qld and Tas) we will automatically allocate you another state's Minister to write to.

If you get a response, let us know! Please forward it to