Asda and Tesco

Asda and Tesco: end slavery in your supply chains!

Asda and Tesco: end slavery in your supply chains!

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Asda and Tesco treated workers like slaves. 

Workers at a Thai farm supplying poultry were subjected to hell -- 19 hour shifts, just £4.80 per day, 40 days in a row. They were forced to sleep amongst the chickens, and had no unsupervised breaks. 

Asda’s and Tesco’s business successes rest on the backs of these exploited people. But these supermarkets rely on ordinary British shoppers like all of us. So together we can demand they end these abuses for good. 

Asda and Tesco take a stand against modern slavery: demand that your supply chains are slavery-free. 

Workers had their travel documents confiscated, and cash deducted from their wages to pay for drinking water. Asda and Tesco bosses wouldn’t stand for it in UK stores, so why do they ignore it elsewhere? 

Both Asda and Tesco are big enough to do just fine without turning a blind eye to modern slavery infesting supply chains. But they’re unlikely to bother unless they feel a wave of opposition from all of us first. 

Supermarket chains compete over customers, and care about their brands. That’s especially true now, in the run-up to the festive season. So if we band together, we’re anything but powerless in the face of injustice. 

This is what our SumOfUs community is for. Nearly 160,000 of us called Procter & Gamble out for modern slavery in its supply chain. Now, let’s pool our strength again and end Asda and Tesco’s exploitation.  

Sign the petition now to Asda and Tesco to take real steps toward ending modern slavery in their supply chains.

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