Help strengthen pesticide regulation in Australia

Help strengthen pesticide regulation in Australia

Thank you for making a submission to the inquiry into the APVMA, the agency charged with regulating pesticides in Australia. This is a critical opportunity to strengthen the regulation of pesticides in Australia but to do it we need to make high quality submissions. You don't have to read these instructions in full but please refer to them if you need guidance.  

You must make reference to at least one of the terms of reference. We would recommend focussing on one or both of the following terms of reference (the rest can be found on the inquiry website):

a) the responsiveness and effectiveness of the APVMA’s process for reviewing and reassessing the safety of agricultural chemicals in Australia, including glyphosate, and how this compares with equivalent international regulators;

b) the funding arrangements of the APVMA, comparisons with equivalent agricultural chemical regulators internationally and any impact these arrangements have on independent evidence-based decision making;

The best submissions are unique and personal. That's why we're not providing a pre-filled submission response. But here are some things you could mention:

  • Register your concern about the agency's track record of being very slow to review chemicals
  • Ask questions about what kind of pressure the APVMA comes under from companies which fund it to quickly approve chemicals 
  • The lack of mandatory review periods. Similar agencies in the EU and elsewhere mandatorily review chemicals on a scheduled basis eg. once every 10 years. The APVMA does not do this.
  • The agency's reticence to advise changes to the approval of neonicotinoid pesticides despite the European and French bans, and the moves to also ban them in Canada.

Most of all, explain why the independence and effectiveness of the agency that regulates the use of pesticides and herbicides is a concern for you.

Try to keep your submission concise and relevant to the terms of reference. Remember that submissions will be published, along with your name, on the inquiry website so only include information you would be happy to see published on the internet.

Thank you for helping protect the bees!