Apple: protect free expression for everyone

Apple: protect free expression for everyone

Right now, Apple is cosying up to the government of China and complying with demands to support its deadly spying regime

But, did you know that your retirement savings could help make Apple end its complicity with the government China’s mass human rights abuses?

Sounds amazing, but if you have a pension, superannuation fund or mutual fund you probably own shares in Apple, which means you have the power to hold this multi-billion dollar company to account.

Our shareholder proposal would force Apple to safeguard freedom for everyone. But we need your help to make Apple’s biggest investors -- like your pension fund -- back our plan. 

Fund managers don’t often hear from their investors. So this will really get their attention. And with Apple’s biggest investors already deciding how to vote on this year’s proposals, we need to get their attention now.

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your pension manager using the form below. You can edit the text that appears in black if you'd like to add your own thoughts.

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