Apple: Don't let George Zimmerman sell his gun on your iPhones

Apple: Don't let George Zimmerman sell his gun on your iPhones

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George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin, a Black, unarmed teenager, is trying to sell the gun he shot him with.

It’s so despicable it barely warrants a mention -- except that to make sure he makes as much money as possible off the sale, Zimmerman is auctioning his pistol on a gun rights app hosted by Apple’s iTunes.

Apple should not be associating with Trayvon’s killer in any way. One firearms auctioning app already pulled Zimmerman’s ad off their site. The listing calls Zimmerman’s weapon an “American firearm icon” that was used to “defend his life” and “end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin” in 2012.

Apple, do you want to host this sickening auction on your devices? Drop the United Gun Group app in protest.

This isn’t even about gun laws. It’s about respecting the Martin family who have to re-live the cold-blooded killing of their young son every time George Zimmerman wants the spotlight. Zimmerman has been desperate for attention and has tried a number of schemes to get back in the spotlight after he was shockingly acquitted by a Florida jury in 2013.

Trayvon’s killing sparked a change in how this country views race and violence, fuelling the Black Lives Matter movement as it spread across the country. If we let corporations stand by while someone like George Zimmerman profits off violence and hate, we are betraying Trayvon’s memory and legacy.

Let’s ask Apple which side it’s on. Tell it to refuse to carry Zimmerman’s gun auction on its devices.

When we asked Coca-cola to drop its funding of a Republican National Convention that would end up crowning Donald Trump as the presidential nominee after inciting violence against Black people and people of colour, Coke listened. We know we can make Apple make the right choice too.

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