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An open-pit gold mine in Yellowstone? Not a chance.

An open-pit gold mine in Yellowstone? Not a chance.

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A Canadian mining company wants to build a gold mine right on the doorstep of one of the world’s greatest natural treasures: Yellowstone National Park.

"This is Paradise Valley,” said one local resident. “This is not a place to develop gold. This is a place that is gold unto itself." It should be obvious that building an enormous gold mine in one of the most unique ecological climates on earth is a terrible idea.

Worse, locals are concerned that the only way to get the sparsely distributed gold seams out of Emigrant Valley is through an open-pit mine that would devastate this precious ecosystem. That’s why more than 100 local businesses and residents have banded together to stop this mine.

The future of Yellowstone hangs in the balance. Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to refuse to allow this project.

Sprawling above a volcanic hotspot, Yellowstone boasts numerous hot springs, lush forests, rushing geysers and eye-popping canyons. Massive populations of bison, bears, wolves, elk and antelope call it home. Maintaining such a diverse ecosystem poses a huge challenge to park staff -- can you imagine what would happen if two huge mining projects -- and all the roads, trucks and infrastructure that goes along with them -- went ahead?

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken on something like this. SumOfUs supporters are fighting an Indian corporation that wants to build a mega coal mine on the shoulder of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and a Malaysian company that wants to build a massive gas plant on Lelu Island along Canada’s pristine northern Pacific coast. And we expect to win.

Let’s ask the EPA to make sure a Yellowstone gold mine never happens.

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