Amazon: treat your drivers like human beings

Amazon: treat your drivers like human beings

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£2.59 per hour. That’s how little Amazon can pay its drivers.

Amazon is breaking the law -- twice. It's paying drivers below the minimum wage, and forcing them into working illegal, 11-hour days.

Unrealistic, crammed delivery schedules mean drivers have to break the speed limit to please bosses. Drivers aren't even given time for rest breaks -- some go to the toilet in bottles and bags right there in the vans.   

Somebody needs to tell Amazon: this is the twenty-first century, not the Victorian era. Together, let’s be that collective voice of decency. If all of us chime in, we can push Amazon to follow the law and treat its drivers better.  

Amazon -- improve the working conditions of drivers. No one should be paid below the minimum wage, forced to work illegal hours, and subjected to unrealistic expectations. 

Amazon hides behind a complicated web of over 100 contractors, employing drivers at arms-length so they’re denied holiday and sick pay. It took an undercover journalist to expose how it exploits these staff. But if Amazon thinks it can dodge the blame, it’s wrong.

It’s not even just the drivers at risk. By forcing overworked, overtired drivers to stay at the wheel, Amazon is endangering all of us who might share a street with one of its trucks. With the Christmas rush just around the corner, things could get even worse. 

Tax-dodging, union-bashing, staff exploitation -- Amazon is *the* icon for corporate irresponsibility. But that’s where all of us come in. Over 50,000 of us made a stand against Amazon’s destructive way of doing business before, so we know we’re strong enough together.   

If you think Amazon should pay drivers at least the minimum wage, and not overwork or force them to keep to unfair schedules -- add your name now.

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