AliExpress: stop selling child sex dolls.

AliExpress: stop selling child sex dolls.

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Trigger warning: this page talks about peadophilia and child sex abuse.

An online retailer, AliExpress, is profiting from selling “lifelike” child sex dolls -- and they’re being shipped to customers in the UK.

There’s no question that the dolls are meant to represent children. AliExpress describes them as "mini pretty girls" and "Loli dolls" -- short for Lolita dolls -- and they range in size from the height of a three-year-old to the height of a nine-year-old girl.

It’s completely legal for AliExpress to do this -- but it’s completely wrong. Let’s create a public outrage so big that it forces AliExpress to stop profiting from child sex dolls.

Sign our petition to stop AliExpress from selling child sex dolls.

The connection between the dolls and paedophilia is clearly spelt out on the AliExpress website, which includes photographs of the dolls in sexual positions and depicts them as having personalities to be groomed. "The innocent girl is waiting for your welcome," says the website, and the buyer can even choose the wig, skin tone and face of the doll.

Some people profiting from child sex dolls claim they keep paedophiles from offending. But there’s nowhere near enough evidence yet to suggest that they are right -- and some experts believe the dolls could have a “reinforcing effect”, and “in many instances, cause [paedophile intentions] to be acted upon with greater urgency.”

Child sexual abuse is horrifyingly common. While it’s impossible to know the actual figures, the NSPCC estimates that one in 20 children has been sexually abused, while others put the figure at one in four girls and one in six boys. As a society, we should be doing everything we can to stop that abuse -- including standing up to corporations that cynically profit from its normalisation.

AliExpress: stop selling child sex dolls.

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