Aldi is considering banning neonics from its UK supermarkets!

Aldi is considering banning neonics from its UK supermarkets!

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Amazing news. Aldi is considering banning neonics from its UK supermarkets!

Millions of people around the world have been putting pressure on corporations to protect our bees -- and it’s working.

Aldi’s parent company, Aldi Süd, recently became the first major supermarket in Europe to ban fruit and vegetables treated with bee-killing pesticides from its shelves. Now Aldi UK is deciding whether to do the same here.

If it does, it will send shockwaves through the UK’s retail sector -- showing other supermarkets that it’s perfectly possible to stop selling the toxins. Aldi did the right thing in Europe. Let’s encourage it to do the right thing here too.

Aldi: Thank you for banning bee-killing neonicotinoids from your supply chain in Europe. We’d love you to do the same in the UK!

Aldi stuck its neck out to do the right thing in continental Europe, banning eight different neonic pesticides linked to global declines of bee and butterfly populations from its stores. The results will be felt through the supply chain and right into the fields. As more and more suppliers phase out neonicotinoids, more and more bees will stand a fighting chance of surviving the toxic onslaught.  

Now that the company has started a review of its pesticide policy in the UK, we urgently need to show it that it has huge public support for pioneering the way to a bee-friendly future.

Agrochemical giants like Bayer and Syngenta work around the clock to make sure their toxic pesticides are sprayed across as many fields as possible, putting bees at threat of extinction and our food supply at risk. But if supermarkets stop selling their toxins, it will pull the rug right out from under their feet.

SumOfUs members have been fighting hard around the world to save the bees. We've stopped huge American hardware chains from selling neonics, we’ve helped get France to vote in a biodiversity bill banning all neonics for good, and we've pooled our resources to challenge Bayer's lawsuit against the EU for banning the chemical. Now we have a chance to help transform the UK’s retail sector, and ultimately get neonics off our supermarket shelves for good.

Let’s tell Aldi that it has huge public support for banning bee-killing pesticides from its UK shelves!

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