Goldman Sachs shareholders

A vote for executive accountability at the top of Goldman Sachs

A vote for executive accountability at the top of Goldman Sachs

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Remember the time Goldman Sachs infamously made half a billion dollars from crashing the Greek economy?

At Goldman Sachs’ AGM  this Friday, we are demanding change and accountability from the world’s most notorious bank. For years, Goldman has been making huge profits at the expense of people and entire countries -- but this Friday , we have the chance  to finally rein in Goldman Sachs’ worst excesses.

There’s a growing movement of activists, shareholders and everyday investors who are demanding accountability from big companies -- and it’s working. A few weeks ago, BP shareholders voted down the CEO’s $20 million pay package.

By leveraging the power of mutual funds that invest in Goldman Sachs, SumOfUs members have a seat at the negotiating table. And together, we are pushing for Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein to finally report to someone other than himself.

Even if you don’t have investments with Vanguard, American Funds, iShares, or Fidelity, you can raise your voice to demand change at Goldman Sachs. Will you support shareholders calling for executive accountability at the top of Goldman Sachs?

Sign the petition to voice your support for the shareholder proposal bringing independent oversight to Goldman Sachs' CEO.

For too long, CEO Lloyd Blankfein has answered to no one, acting as both CEO and Chair of the Board. And while we’ve all dreamt of being our own boss, when you head one of the world’s most powerful companies, it’s a recipe for disaster. To rein in Goldman Sachs’ worst offenses, we need independent oversight of its management by the Board of Directors.

As overpowered CEO/Chair, Blankfein has overseen Goldman Sachs’ toxic culture of crisis capitalism. It inflates bubbles only to profit when they burst. It sells junk financial products and then bets they will crash. From food speculation to global tax evasion and  its meddling on Capitol Hill, the bank is a symbol of everything that is wrong with capitalism.

Goldman Sachs may have money -- but we have people power. Together, we can lpush for executive accountability at the top of the world’s most notorious bank.

Our shareholder activism is making a real impact. A couple of weeks ago, we gained historic support for a resolution calling on Canada’s biggest tar sands company to disclose its lobbying and political spending. Now we’re taking on the outrageous system of executive accountability

Join Goldman Sachs shareholders and ask for an independent Chair of the Board.